Blogging has a stunning career for everyone who loves to express ideas and deliver information. The last few years have witnessed marvellous growth in blogging as a profitable career. Once you are inspired to start your blog, the question that comes to your brain is “What are the types of blogs you can start with?”

Naturally, there are many types of blogs with a different number of audiences. It’s easy to grow an urge to write but choosing the profitable niche is the subject that matters.

  1. Personal Blogs

The first type of blogs that developed their way in the stream of blogging is personal blogs. There is a good scope if you start with these types of blogs. This included human terminologies, stories, opinions, and feelings. There were no instructions and limitations for writing at that time. These types of blogs can make money.

Even today, personal blogs are one of their types. They can be shared by anyone but to connect with people is a challenge. You need to find the like-minders which is slightly tough. The best thing about personal blogs is that you can make your audience feel through writing your personal experiences. You get a platform to share anything.

  1. Professional Blogs

Professional bloggers are engaged in making revenue. All of their steps are directed towards monetization. The work contains writing an SEO optimized content to drive traffic and increase conversion, promotions of products of other businesses, advertising, and creating information.

The goal of a professional blogger is to increase sales. They work with optimization on – call to action button, landing page, contact forms, etc. to attract traffic to their place.

  1. Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogging includes art, culture, news, politics, human interests, food, local history, and events, etc. It covers a number of topics in a wider range being the standard type of blog with a multiplicity of readers.

The total number of bloggers slog on lifestyle blogging as it bargains a choice of pleased. This gives the casual look for bloggers to make followers and progress traffic in the slighter period.

One with a variety of welfares can choose this type of blogging. Lifestyle bloggers get many chances like being a speaker or an influencer working to overcome social differences.

  1. Affiliate Blogs

Meaning of Affiliate blogging is to writing about the products and services of other websites and generating traffic upon them.

Through the traffic, the bloggers encourage the visitors to buy the stuff using the affiliate link mentioned in their blog. They make use of a call to action button to drive the visitor to the affiliate link. They earn a commission from the websites selling out those products.

It’s a special of affiliate bloggers to make all unique website or dissimilar websites loyal to different brands. Their main task is to rank them high on SERP using the best SEO techniques. They must know how and which audience to target.
All the gratified written ended here is specifically on the products and their appraisals or launch or tutorial.

Or their success, the affiliate bloggers need to strategize and create the best affiliate programs. Mostly, they reach their users through emails.

  1. Food Blogs

There is no doubt about the popularity of these blogs. Food blogs attract people for healthy eating habits, recipes, reviews, ingredients, dining, etc. If these themes are of your curiosity, go for food blogging. It has a broader career ahead.

Food bloggers frequently start their career with appraisals and tutorials. There are some steps thereafter when they get chances to taste food all around and promote the restaurants.

The highly concentrated topics of these blogs are:

  • Recipes
  • Baking and Tutorials
  • Healthy Eating
  • Weight Loss Diet
  • Gym Diet
  • Cooking for Parties
  1. Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are a must for people. It is the platform that actually encourages you to visit the beauty around the world. These kinds of cover the exploration theme, leaders, maps, famous restaurants, hotels, and local shops.

The cheap air travel has really strengthened the success of these blogs. People love to travel more these days. Travelling is now more fun and easy these days. All thanks to travel blogs.

  1. Current Affairs Blogs

Current affairs are the topics of knowledge that everyone needs to and should know about. Charge your blog with present affairs around the world is the liveliest gratified blog could offer.

The people of all generations are interested in these types of blogs as the topics are in variety. It includes news, new advancements, the share market, what is happening around the world, which movie is on the blockbuster, what is the latest fashion, etc. Few bloggers also comprise products and services with their present affair blogs.

  1. Case Study Blogs

In these types of blogs, bloggers try the product and services which are applicable in real life. Through the implementation of various tools, techniques, and services, result-driven case studies are commenced.

In case of success, case studies become a guide to success for its readers. In our lifetimes, all of us have read case studies to conclude to a point.

Case studies can attract a large number of audience if you know how to strategies because everyone around interests to learn about experiments.

  1. Inspirational Blogs

Inspirational types of blogs are for bloggers who like to share their real-life stories. You look around and you will find millions looking to get hope and inspired.

Here, you can write the story of your success from a failure or how you tackled the bad time.

  1. Health & Fitness Blogs

People want to remain fit these days. The ordinary awareness news and blogs have made it imaginable. What next?

People want to lose/gain weight and follow the best diet plan, workout to tone their muscles and learn various healthy food recipes.

Health and Fitness blog all the above kinds of content and help motivated people to achieve success.

  1. Political Blogs

Political blogs have specific but a huge following. People who love politics are deeply engaged to learn the latest news, political events, government plans, etc.

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