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Digital Marketing Awareness in Indian Markets

The world witnessed digital marketing to have a substantial effect on marketing and advertising, all due to the phase in which people developed a trust over online marketing. A decade back the opinion often concluded to online sellers being scam or a hoax.
In the recent years we saw a drastic changes both from retailers and customers point of view. Not only did the customers developed more faith but the competitive online markets too provided products at cheaper rates with more efficient interaction with direct sellers.
 In the conventional phase, where the customers had to find the right product and manufacturer, in the changing era it became really essentially for the retailer to find the right customer! That highlighted the importance of ‘effective’ advertising. Statically, almost 53% of people have been used to ignoring the banner ads, and due to this almost 68% of the total international companies have sorted to switch to digital advertising that could be ‘effective’.
This also proves to have other really potential advantages. First and the foremost, the manufacturers got an international market to deal with, unlike before, where they had only a thousands of the local people. Then, this revolutionizing concept also led to a number of free websites and services available on the Internet which earned only on ads. This leads to two advantages. The end users have many free services available, and the retailers got an affordable big platform to present themselves!

Concept of Digital Marketing

The concept of digital marketing was obviously a major push and advancement in the IT sector. Apart from having just the content did not matter now, because the customers would like to visit visually attractive sites, which could attract potential manufacturers to them. So this led to a major increase in the job opportunities for web developers. So the online retailers now also worked on presenting themselves in a proper manner.
The digital marketing completely changed the outlook of marketing and were the initial steps towards the upgraded today’s world, which completely has a different face, as compared to the world we had a decade back!
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