In digital marketing, it is important to learn the effectiveness of stories, before getting to know about the role of consumer stories! Stories are the operative form of human communication. Humans tend to search stories in everything! When the topic of stories rises, people flow back to the old childhood days. Stories are the best conveyors of cultural melodies and values. Stories turn the concept expressive and understandable. Human brains efficiently scramble and store any type information in a narrative form, and when needed, the stored information can be retrieved quickly.

In digital marketing, we can say, the consumer stories can share key information and similarly shape the decision of the consumers as well as experience with the brand as consumers wish to collect maximum information about the brand and product before making purchase. There are many leading social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are powerful tools from the day of its beginning. These platforms have the huge number of followers and take a great part in building brand image. You may be less aware of the process of sharing stories on social media platforms and its work in digital marketing.

Different researchers suggest, by sharing stories on social media platforms, we can increase engagement of consumers with the website. Research also suggests, the stories shared by consumers are very important in building the brand image on social media platforms. The brands that miss the chance of sharing stories on social media platforms miss the chances of connecting with potential consumers. The power of digital marketing has increased with the combination of brand and consumer. So you should use the influencing digital marketing techniques. Old style marketers should understand the reason, why consumers engage in storytelling. Good marketer need a clear understanding of the role of consumer generated content and how to use it.

After realizing the importance of consumer stories in Digital Marketing, you would surely get interested in it! You need professional support for performing the work correctly with guaranteed results. The digital marketers are always aware of different trending digital marketing techniques. After understanding your needs, the specialists examine the current situation and similarly plan the strategies which could deliver the best results. Keeping transparency with the clients, it provides the reports. Following the best practices and values, the works are performed and observed continuously.

Why consumer stories are important:

  1. Potential marketing tool

A good story works as the best promising way to communicate the new marketing ideas, build the emotional connections, change the insights and modify behaviors of the customers.

  1.   Conveying brand’s personality

Great stories from customers guarantee to let the brand’s personality shine in the economical market. Such stories from the consumers would create an effect on the decision of the new consumers about purchasing products.

  1.   Bringing brand to the leading position

The journey of digital marketing is rather brave! The stories from the consumers sharing their experience with the brand and product will ensure the quality of the product delivered by the brand. This strictly impacts on the decision of purchasing the product or retrieving the services.

  1.   Hitting emotionally

The power of storytelling can emotionally hit the consumers! Every person loves good stories and getting to know about the benefits of purchasing the product or service from previous experience of the consumer from their stories.

  1.   An inspiration to keep coming back

The benefit for the brands is not only successfully selling the product or service but motivate the consumers to keep coming back! Through storytelling, this goal can be completed. Reading the story from previous consumers, the new consumers may not buy the product or service but will keep coming back to the website for learning more about consumer experience.

  1.   Establishes genuineness

A true story shared by the consumer signifies the brand and addresses the audiences. This is quite promising to you as it establishes genuineness about your brand.


Consumer storytelling is a powerful tools, here are few steps:

  1. Work on how to create believable and compelling stories.

By inspecting comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms, you would be able to find leads to consumer stories about your brand that you can track. You need to catch the best examples and work with storytellers to convey the right message. Third-party fan sites offer extra source of potential content. Employees who face customers also can help to identify additional material.


  1. Convert stories into first-class presentations.

Video stories about consumers on the brand’s social media pages are most effective, but they should be constant with consumer expectations for media quality. Though high-quality video can build strong impressions with potential customers, there is an important warning: If the finished product is too refined or professional looking, it may be supposed as brand authored, which can weaken the feeling of consumer authenticity.


  1. Implant stories in your social media.

Use true consumer stories and make them present through your social media channels like Facebook page or YouTube channel and maximize impact. Inspire the consumers to comment, share, elaborate, and the creation of consumer-to-brand and consumer-to-consumer information chains across your social media. Matching stories with positive messages can be circulated across a range of sites.


  1. Participate in paid media strategy on social media.

Traditional media strategies can overlay with story-based consumer content on social media. Companies can pay to include stories on Facebook and other paid sites.


The social media rises important questions for the future of marketing in the digital world — where everyone has a voice and consumers are profoundly influenced by the judgment of other consumers. Our research specifies that marketers can effect consumer-to-consumer communications by leveraging consumer-authored stories online as important fundamentals of their brand strategy. Coauthored stories shared on social media can also be interactive with TV advertising, which can create the company’s core brand positioning and motivate people to the company’s social media sites.


Through history, storytelling has been an essential way to convey values, and it will remain a key source of information and inspiration in the digital world. As new technologies growing and improving day by day, brands can expect to have new opportunities regularly to use consumer storytelling in their communication plan.

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