How you can promote your Online Website or your online business with the help of the Promotion Channel?

Before starting working on the marketing strategy, it is important to first decide on the optimal product promotion channels.Before deciding on the product promotion channels, it is important to first understand who the procurement decision makers are and how they make their decisions. Many products are promoted via advertisement on TV and radio. However, these promotion channels work well only if it is a mass product consumed by most the population and the buying decisions are made by individual customers. Many clients are interested in B2B models. That is, they are only interested in bulk sales to distributors or large corporate customers. In this case, the procurement decisions are made by a small number of professionals, such as the owners of the businesses or heads of the procurement departments.

For example, UniCheck is a company that makes plagiarism detection software. Its primary customers are universities. It is usually the head of the IT department who decides whose plagiarism detection software the university will use. Thus, it would be very inefficient to broadcast the advertisement of the product via TV or radio. It would be much more effective to send the information directly to the heads of IT departments in that country, which could be only a few dozen to a few hundred people in the entire country, depending on how many universities they have.

The decision to buy this sort of service is usually made by the managers of shopping centers, hotels or restaurants. Again, it may be ineffective to advertise the product to the public. A much more effective way to promote the product would be target these decision makers via direct mail, or personal calls, or by sponsoring professional conferences attended by these people.

Best Practices

The first step to a successful marketing campaign is to find a way to inexpensively reach your target consumers. Often, the best methods are very inexpensive or even free, such as professional mailing lists, groups on social media platforms, narrowly focused professional newsletters or publications, and the like. Of course, media and other outlets may also be effective, particularly given their ability to reach larger audiences, but keep in mind the cost-benefit balance.

Another challenge is the specifics. It is not enough to simply suggest that the product is promoted via social media, professional associations or mailing list, or advertised in magazines or on TV. Make certain you provide all the necessary information your client will need, including:

Social Media

– Which specific social media are most suited to reach the target audience (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)?

– How an ad could be placed on these platforms?

– If advertising in professional groups or communities, which specific groups or pages should be targeted?

Include names and links.

– If advertising to individuals, what should be the target sample settings to ensure the right people will see the ad (keywords for interest, area, etc.)?

– How much an ad will cost?

– How frequently should it be posted?

– What should be the content of the message?Online ads

– Which specific tools or platforms should be used for online advertisement (Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, etc.)

– How an ad could be placed using these platforms?

– Which specific settings should be used to target the right people? (specific search words, consumer profile, etc.)

– How much an ad will cost?

– How frequently should it be posted?

– What should be the content of the message?

Professional Mailing Lists

– What is the address of the mailing list?

– How one can distribute an add using the mailing list?

– How much will it cost?

– How frequently should the ad be distributed via the mailing list?

– What should be the content of the message?

Professional Conferences

– What is the name of the conference or professional convention?

– When and where is it held?

– Who attends these meetings?

– How can a company use the meeting to promote their products (be an official sponsor, set up a vendor booth, organize a reception, etc.)?

– How much will it cost?

– How to register?

Professional Periodicals (Magazines, Journals, Newsletters)

– What is the name of the periodical?

– How can one place an ad in the periodical?

– How much will it cost?

– How frequently?

The best answers include detailed step-by-step guides for using the promotion channel, complete with contact addresses, names, and prices.

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